What the pandemic means for the club's programme
As the government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic changes as the lockdown measures are eased and localised restrictions are applied to reflect isolated outbreaks of the virus, the club's programme for 2020-2021 has been amended. The updated programme is on this website and has been emailed to members. It looks unlikely that we will be able to hold meetings in the village hall this year, and meetings for 2021 may also be impossible. The forbearance of members is appreciated. The committee will do its best to keep everyone informed of further changes, but in the meantime please continue to support the club by contributing to the weekly Zoom meetings. You will see from the programme that we are presenting a number judged competitions and talks during 2020, all to be hold on Zoom. We are only able to hold PDI competitions at the moment, but if restrictions are eased sufficiently we hope to be able to hold print competitions in 2021.